Troubleshooting: Singlemass Flywheel Kits

Single-Mass Flywheel Kits Fitment Instructions

As installation of Single-Mass Flywheel Replacement Kits may require specialist tools we will assume that you are a professional brake and clutch specialist and as such know how to install these units.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or inexperienced in mechanical work we stress that you have the brake and clutch parts fitted by qualified installers only. This will ensure that the supplied items give many years of great service and severely lower the chances of incorrect fitment and premature failure.

WARNING: Brake and clutch items are safety critical items, as a result we recommend installation of  LMB OE replacement parts to be done by professional installers and/or workshops only.
Failure to fit these items correctly can cause major damage to the parts in question and other parts of the transmission.


LMB Single-Mass Flywheel Kits are matched replacements for OEM dual-mass kits that are cheaper to purchase, are usually more durable and can be serviced down the line like regular OEM solid flywheel kits.
However, the kit will look very different to the kit that comes out of the car so please do not worry if this is the case.
The kits are supplied according to ENGINE NUMBERS ONLY, not according to engine type (For instance the VW 1.9 TDI kits are all for 1.9 TDI’s, but the ASZ replacement kit WILL NOT fit a BXE engine and vice-versa). Please ensure that the customer supplies the correct engine number, otherwise the kit might not fit and will lead to premature failure.

Single-Mass Flywheel Kit Troubleshooting


Clutch Kit Probable Cause


Customer says the clutch looks different

The kit is made to replace dualmass kits and as a result the kit WILL look different N/A

Supply kit as long as engine number correlates

The kit won’t work or wont fit properly

No visual damage The wrong kit might have been supplied for the engine

Replace with the correct engine application

Clutch wont engage

Bearing seared to assembly The wrong kit might have been supplied for the engine

Replace with the correct engine application

For all other troubleshooting see clutch kits

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