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LMB Poster A3Download Do you want to add a little bit of flair to your garage or workshop? Feel free to download our most recent LMB poster and print it out. Otherwise please give us a visit and pick one up for free at our main branch while stocks last*. *If there are none left by the time you get here, know that you were probably slower than 500 other...


LMB Brake and Clutch Components hereby supports the President and will be closing our doors for this period.
All key staff members of LMB Brake and Clutch Components will be available remotely should any emergencies arise.

News Update: Happy Holidays 2019

Our seals have proven themselves time and again in international tests and we are proud that a local South African product can compete on the world stage against some of the most prestigious of brands.

News Update July 2019

We have recently launched our own Brake Pad Wear Sensor range which has proven very popular with many retailers and fitment centers. 
If you are not yet stocking this range, make sure you contact your dedicated salesperson before you fall too far behind. 

Happy Holidays!

We will be closed during this festive period from Friday the 21st of December 2018 and we will reopen again on Monday the 7th of January 2019. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your continued support and loyalty. If you are traveling this holiday, please take care and make sure your car has been properly serviced beforehand. Wishing you great happiness, health and prosperity in the new year to come! -LMB...

Premium Brake Pads In Stock

LMB Brake Pads currently come in 3 varieties (low metallic, semi metallic and ceramic) which are matched to what you would get from the dealers at a fraction of the cost.

LMB Single Mass Flywheel Clutch Conversion Kits

Single Mass Flywheel Clutch Kits The time has come and your vehicle is in the shop for a clutch replacement and the mechanic says your dual mass flywheel needs replacement. First of all it is recommended to replace the flywheel whenever replacing the clutch. Resurfacing a clutch can still leave hot spots on the flywheel that translates to jitter and vibration.  This is even more important on vehicles with a dual mass flywheel, because they can fail and separate if overloaded which will damage the clutch. A LMB Euroseals single mass flywheel kit provides a direct contact between the engine and clutch assembly. They tend to be much cheaper than a dual mass flywheel to replace, and because they are made of a single piece, they can also be resurfaced if within factory specifications. The construction of a single piece of metal gives it a greater heat capacity to prevent it from warping. It also allows the engine to rev quicker. This is ideal for track cars. Conversion Kits Converting from a dual mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel can be done on most vehicles if a kit is available. The kits consist of a flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate and bearing. Most drivers will convert based on cost factors, while performance enthusiasts will convert to a single mass flywheel since it can handle increased engine torque and it gives direct feedback to the driver. Kits available for the following makes: AUDI, BMW, FORD, MAZDA, MERCEDES-BENZ, MINI, NISSAN, RENAULT, SEAT, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN Should you wish to know more about our offerings, please inquire with us directly or your nearest brake and clutch component...

Stop And Check Your Brakes

The holiday season is almost upon us here in hot South Africa.
With the last stretch of the year upon us, LMB Euroseals would like to remind you to check your brakes and ensure your car is operating at the best possible level.

Introducing: Kevlar Clutch Friction Material

LMB Euroseals Brake and Clutch Components is proud to announce our new Kevlar/Aramid compound clutch kit friction material facing. When used in proper applications Kevlar/Aramid can outlast other friction materials two to five times. Kevlar/Aramid provides the pulling capabilities of metallic button materials along with the smooth engagement properties of organic facings. This property of Kevlar/Aramid allows prolonged life of all drive line components as well as reduced downtime costs. Additionally Kevlar clutches can withstand higher heat temperatures when compared to organic clutch facings. These new Kevlar clutch facings are a great choice for stock or modified vehicles that need either improved holding power, longer life span or...

LMB Hydraulic Clutch Bearings (HCB’s)

LMB Hydraulic Clutch Bearings (HCB’s)
Many vehicles are now fitted with a Hydraulic Clutch Bearing (HCB), also known as Concentric Slave Cylinders (CSC’s) as opposed to the conventional release fork and bearing: