Singlemass Flywheel Replacement Kits

SFK240.001The time has come and your vehicle is in the shop for a clutch replacement and the mechanic says your dual mass flywheel needs replacement. First of all it is recommended to replace the flywheel whenever replacing the clutch. This is even more important on vehicles with a dual mass flywheel, because they can fail and separate if overloaded which will damage the clutch. Additionally, dual mass flywheels are not skimmable and failure to skim a flywheel will result in premature clutch wear as well as shuddering and vibrations.

Our LMB Singlemass Flywheel Kits use Kevlar-Aramid compound clutches, when used in proper applications, can outlast other friction material clutches two to five times. Kevlar-Aramid provides the pulling capabilities of metallic button materials along with the smooth engagement properties of organic facing. This property of Kevlar-Aramid allows prolonged life of all drive train components as well as reduced downtime costs. In addition Kevlar-Aramid clutches can withstand more heat as well as increasing holding power over a typical clutch facing.

Converting from a dual mass flywheel to LMB Singlemass Flywheel Kit can be done on most vehicles if a kit is available.

The kits consist of a LMB flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate and bearing. Most drivers will convert based on cost factors, while performance enthusiasts will convert to a single mass flywheel since it can handle increased engine torque and it gives direct feedback to the driver.

This, coupled with our class leading warranty, will leave you with peace of mind when you considering a clutch kit overhaul.

Please inquire with us if you are looking for a specific application.