Hydraulic Clutch Bearings

HCB Combined 2

Hydraulic clutch bearings or concentric slave cylinders are positioned around the driveshaft and eliminate the need for a clutch fork. Additionally it fulfills the same job as an external clutch slave cylinder, thus consolidating two parts into one.

LMB Brake And Clutch Components produces hydraulic clutch bearings for passenger cars and heavy duty  commercial applications in various materials as per O.E. specifications.

All LMB hydraulic clutch bearings are assembled with LMB seals as a stringent requirement and according to the clutch fluid used, resulting in a unit that will last you as long as your clutch.

A non compliant hydraulic clutch bearing can fail pretty quickly, making the clutch impossible to operate as well as potentially ruining the clutch from fluid contamination.

Please inquire with us if you are looking for a specific application.

All of our parts carry a guarantee against manufacturing defects and carry a general warranty for your peace of mind.