Clutch Slave Cylinders

CS CombinedClutch slave cylinders are secondary devices, mounted externally on a vehicle’s transmission and its main purpose is to exert hydraulic input pressure from the clutch master cylinder and operate the clutch fork, thus engaging and disengaging the clutch.

LMB Brake And Clutch Components produces various clutch slave cylinders for both light and heavy duty  applications and in materials that include cast iron, aluminium alloy as well as PA66+GF glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66.

Sizes range from 15.00 mm to 38.10 mm.

A failing clutch slave cylinder can make it difficult to near impossible to operate a vehicle correctly and safely.

Please inquire with us if you are looking for a specific application.

All of our parts carry a guarantee against manufacturing defects and carry a general warranty for your peace of mind.