Clutch Kits

LMB Clutch Kit

A clutch is a complex and essential part of your car, allowing you to smoothly change gear and increase the power provided by the engine when you pull away. Sometimes the clutch will start to wear, reducing the amount of power supplied and making gear changes difficult, but a high quality LMB clutch kits can not only repair the problem, but even improve the performance.

LMB clutch kits are made up of the clutch itself along with a pressure plate and bearing and are suited to all kinds of cars from small family hatchbacks to high performance models looking to squeeze every possible bit of performance out of the engine.
The engine itself never stops working from the moment the car is started, and the clutch is key to ensuring that it works at its optimum level.

LMB Brake And Clutch Components produces a large range of both light passenger car clutch kits and heavy duty commercial clutch kits as well as entire single mass flywheel replacement kits. Each kit is designed to meet OE specifications and comes complete with all components needed for a full clutch replacement.

This, coupled with our class leading warranty, will leave you with peace of mind when you considering a clutch kit overhaul.

Please inquire with us if you are looking for a specific application.

All of our parts carry a guarantee against manufacturing defects and carry a general warranty for your peace of mind.