Brake Pads

Brake Pads are the single most important component in the braking system. Without a good set of brake pads, your vehicle might not stop in the required space or time, leading to an accident.

To prevent that you will need to change your brake pads several times during your vehicle’s lifespan.
If you are worried that your brake pads might need changing, it is better to do it as soon as you can.


To assist you with this LMB Brake And Clutch Components produces a large range of pads for passenger vehicles and commercial heavy duty vehicles.
All of our brake pads are ECE – R90 compliant meaning they conform to full European Union regulations.

LMB Brake Pads currently come in 3 varieties (low metallic, semi metallic and ceramic) which are matched to what you would get from the dealers at a fraction of the cost.

Our pads have proven themselves under heavy driving conditions, satisfying the demands of both fleet owners and car enthusiasts.

When it comes time to change yours, make sure you choose us as not only will you be choosing a set that will last you a long time, but you can rest assured that you will stop every time you need to.

Please inquire with us if you are looking for a specific application.

All of our parts carry a guarantee against manufacturing defects and carry a general warranty for your peace of mind.