Message From The C.O.O.

2019 started off on a high note with everyone rearing to get back into action after their break.
Let’s face it surely no one loves holidays that go on for more than 2 weeks right?

In any case, things have been extremely busy here at LMB.
We have been working hard at increasing our local product offerings as well as range to ensure that we are your one stop brake and clutch choice.
As the moment our product range covers brake and clutch cylinders, repair kits, clutches, bearings, brake pads, electronic wear sensors and caliper pistons with some new expansions currently in the works.

Besides the local market, we have increased our exports worldwide for OEM and aftermarket specialist manufacturers in the European Union, South Korea, People’s Republic of China and Australia just to name a few.
Our seals have proven themselves time and again in international tests and we are proud that a local South African product can compete on the world stage against some of the most prestigious of brands.

With 2020 around the corner, I would like to wish our loyal customers, both in Southern Africa and abroad safe travels if they are going anywhere, but more importantly a lovely time spent with their family and those close to them.
Additionally I wish to congratulate our loyal team members and employees on an exceptional year and a job well done.
I believe everyone has given their all this year and I want them to know that their service and dedication is both respected and admired.

So for the time being, enjoy what is left of 2019 and we all look forward to being your trusted brake and clutch supplier once again in 2020!

From everyone at LMB Brake and Clutch Components, happy holidays!

– Doug Marinkovic