LMB Euroseals has developed a range of Solid Mass Flywheels (SFK’s) as an alternative option to the Dual Mass Flywheels (DMFs). The LMB SFK’s are designed to be a direct replacement, utilizing the original DMF bolts. Changing from DMF to SFK also means that the clutch kit is different, in particular the disc. The disc in LMB SFK replacement kits is a Wide Angle Dampered (WAD) disc. The WAD disc is designed to correspond with high engine fluctuations in diesel and direct injection applications; the WAD uses a high performance damper to absorb noise and vibration, rather than in the flywheel as with a DMF.

LMB SFK and WAD Disk:


The main benefits of an SFK kit:

  • It is a cheaper alternative to replacing the DMF
  • The WAD disc technology is a genuine alternative to the DMF
  • Increased durability due to no wearing parts in the flywheel