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Have you wondered just what happens at LMB Euroseals and how we ensure a solid and reliable product for our consumers?

Wonder no more as LMB Euroseals was recently approached for a feature by Essential Business Magazine.

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In 1995, family-run automotive parts manufacturer LMB Euroseals relocated from Europe to South Africa. In the 62 years since it was founded, the company has displayed an impressive talent for innovation, and has continued to evolve to meet the demands of its market.

LMB Euroseals specialises in the manufacturing of brake and clutch components. Since its relocation to South Africa two decades ago, the brand has developed a strong reputation in the automotive aftermarket and is now beginning to expand overseas.

“I’ve been working for the company for 5 years. In that time, things have progressed massively,” says Doug Marinkovic, LMB’s chief operating officer. “We’re now selling to international markets. We’ve secured these contracts by selling the best products at the best price.”

The company was recently an exhibitor at Automechanika Johannesburg 2015, a leading international trade fair for the automotive industry. Other exhibitors included Aveng Trident Steel, Bosch, and DB Schenker.

“The show was quite successful,” adds Marinkovic. “The majority of visitors were from the retail sector, shops etc., which was very good.  We got to introduce new customers to the brand, and demonstrate new products, new developments and so forth to all our old customers as well.”

LMB’s eagerness to build strong relationships — not just with its client base, but with its stockists and suppliers — is just one factor in the firm’s success. While most of the company’s materials are procured locally in South Africa, some are imported from international companies.

“As long as the material meets specification, it’s fine,” says Marinkovic. “In addition to looking for the seal applications, we have production purposes for different materials. For example, we need some materials for high temperature applications, some for low temperature applications, others for economy applications, and so forth.”

While the quality testing process is both thorough and stringent, it’s also relatively simple, and allows LMB Euroseals to guarantee the high quality, reliable products that its customer base has come to expect.

“We have our own laboratory to make sure all our products are up to standard. We test when the product is being designed, we test samples from every batch, and additionally we test things like seals individually after production as well. Each one of them is actually hand-checked here by our employees,” he explains.

“Pretty much every single piece is hand-checked to make sure there are no defects. The moulding processes are quite advanced, and we have some of the most advanced machinery on the market. We are constantly developing new moulds, new techniques, and pretty much every item that comes out of that is first tested before it’s deemed safe for use.”

While the quality standards for international markets are more-or-less the same as those for the local market, the manufacturing specifications can change quite significantly. According to Marinkovic, it “takes a lot of research — a lot of buying and testing on research vehicles, and so on.”

This willingness to try and test new products and methods is central to LMB Euroseals’ ongoing success.

“It’s mostly a case of research and keeping up with what’s being developed currently,” Marinkovic tells us. “So let’s say we find an application that does not meet its specification. What we’ll do is try to strengthen and simplify it so we can make it perform better. Essentially, that’s our research programme.”

While LMB does currently have a product undergoing such a development process, the details are classified. Something Marinkovic can tell us about, however, is the single mass flywheel replacement kit that the brand recently launched for Nissan Navara.

“The kit is made to replace the original dual mass application in vehicles, and so far it’s proven very good. The market is proving very receptive to that,” he tells us.

“Next, we’re thinking of expanding further into Europe, because we are quite confident we can compete there.” Considering the international success LMB is enjoying already, this seems like the logical next step.

“We have some customers in Europe already, but we are always looking for more. We were at Frankfurt last year, so we got quite a lot of feedback over there,” he says.

“We are always looking to expand, and we are always looking for new distributors and proven companies that like to deal in high quality products.”


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