LMB is a supplier of premium quality clutch replacement kits for OE applications. The range includes 3 in 1 light and heavy duty clutch kits (CK) with standard or hydraulic clutch bearing as well as 4 in 1 single mass flywheel kits (SFK) as replacement for dual mass flywheel clutch kits.


Each kit is designed and manufactured in partnership with OEM suppliers to deliver the highest levels of quality and performance; providing you total piece of mind and delivering a competitive alternative to regular clutch kits on the market today.

What Makes Our Clutch Replacement Kits Unique?

OEM design.

OEM specific materials. The very same materials automotive manufacturers demand.

Use of high capacity coil springs and disks with a wide angle damper design that reduces gear noise while increasing torque capacity.

Clutch cover assemblies that are tested for proper clamp load and clutch lift separation.

Diaphragm spring fingers that are treated by using high frequency heat induction to prevent wear that normally occurs at the contact surface of the release bearing.

Each Clutch Replacement Kits come with an industry competitive warranty, whether for passenger car use or for heavy duty applications.


LMB Clutch Replacement Kit Materials

LMB OE Replacement Clutch Kits come in 1 of 3 unique materials.


The basic organic clutch facing materials has been in the industry over 60 years  and has evolved considerably due to engine advancements and environmental issues. From now defunct asbestos facings, to fibreglass and brass as its main ingredients. An organic facing should be used where the clutch must be engaged and disengaged many times a day. This provides smooth engagement with considerable amounts of grip and less tendency to chatter. The downside is it can’t withstand high heat and has relatively short lifespan.


Kevlar/Aramid when used in proper applications can outlast other friction materials two to five times. Kevlar/Aramid provides the pulling capabilities of metallic button materials along with the smooth engagement properties of organic facing. This property of Kevlar/Aramid allows prolonged life of all driveline components as well as reduced downtime costs. Kevlar/Aramid clutch can withstand more heat, but they are harder than organic clutches which makes them more prone to chatter.

Sintered Metallic

Sintered metallic button style clutch facings are very durable and have the unique ability to grab better as it heats up. However, there are downsides to sintered metallic material. Firstly, this clutch is either in or it’s out, there is no soft engagement. Second, it is as hard as the material that it mates against, which means that the pressure plate, centre plate, and flywheel wear at the same rate as the facing. Sintered metallic facing is the hardest of all and the most likely to induce chatter.



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